This is where our massive display of photos will be when someone takes them. If you have taken any of us at gigs let us know via the contacts page and we may be able to use them (no payment but you’ll get a credit)

4 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I see this band regularly and they are every bit as good as they are decribed here. I booked Paul and one of his sons for a duo night too and they exceeded all expectations in keeping the audience entertained

  2. We were extremely lucky enough to come across these guys playing as a duo as Folk week 2019 lat the 39 steps on Tuesday night. Came over to Broadstairs to see another band who turned out to be not who we thought they were:

    WOW What a find, I don’t think I’ve heard two voices compliment each other as well EVER. The harmonies simply beautiful, and everything from Tell me Ma right through to an awesome original version of Men at Wirk “Down under” and probably the best version of Gangsters Paradise I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

    The bar (back street and not on the main drag) was rammed, passers by who simply couldn’t fit in the bar stood outside and danced and sang along.

    I’m looking forward to seeing them again as the whole band as it 2 were that good, imagine what all 5 will be like. Also would be cool to see them introducing an Otatmatone (you need the deluxe one so you can plug it in) on one of their sets only because they have never heard of one and if any band could make one sound great, then this is it.

    Thanks again for a great night, and also taking the time to come and shake hands and chat with us, not only are you great musicians but equally (and unfortunately so rare these days) really great friendly people who seem to appreciate that we enjoyed your brilliant set.

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