Here you find all of the gigs for the band or members of the band, most of these will be open to the public but if the gig is a private function or has restricted entry it will still be listed here (stating the entry restrictions) as this list is also a central reference for the members of the band. .

Entries stating FULL BAND are the Starks Family Band

DUO will be Paul plus James, Jonny or very occasionally Toby




21                                BALHAM UNITED SERVICES                         PAUL JAMES JONNY

22                                BRITANNIA                                                     FULL BAND

26                                ROWHILL SCHOOL                                      FULL BAND

27                                HUNTSMAN                                                   FULL BAND

29                                CORNER CLUB                                             DUO


4                                  RAILWAY                                                        DUO

5                                  FOX                                                                 DUO

9                                  WEDDING                                                      FULL BAND

11                                WHITE LION                                                   DUO

12                                SUNNYMEAD                                                FULL BAND

13                                OLD HOUSE AT HOME                               FULL BAND

19                                CORNER CLUB                                            FULL BAND

20                                WALNUT TREE LOOSE                               FULL BAND

25                                BRENT OLD BOYS SOCIAL CLUB            FULL BAND 

26                                SINGLETON BARN                                       FULL BAND


8                                  HUNTSMAN                                                   FULL BAND

9                                  PALM TREES                                                FULL BAND

10                                OLD HOUSE AT HOME                               FULL BAND

16                                CHATTERTON ARMS                                   DUO

17                                BRITANNIA                                                    FULL BAND

22                                ROYAL STANDARD                                      DUO

23                                COGHURST                                                 FULL BAND

25                                THE HORNS WATFORD                             FULL BAND

25                                WEDDING CHILSTON PARK                      FULL BAND

29                                NEW INN  NEW ROMNEY                            FULL BAND

30                                CHEQUERS LOOSE                                    FULL BAND


7                                  OLD HOUSE AT HOME                               FULL BAND

13                                NEW STUDIO CLUB                                      DUO

14                                RAILWAY                                                       DUO

18                                WEDDING                                                     FULL BAND

20                                HOO INSTITUTE                                           DUO

21                                WEDDING                                                     FULL BAND

27                                BELL BREDHURST                                      DUO

28                                BRITANNIA                                                   FULL BAND


3                                  HUNTSMAN                                                 FULL BAND

4                                  BIGGIN HILL S/S CLUB                             FULL BAND

10                                NEW INN                                                      DUO

12                                OLD HOUSE AT HOME                             FULL BAND

17                                CHURCHILLS CHATHAM                          FULL BAND

18                                VOLUNTEER BEXLEYHEATH                     DUO

24                                POACHERS POCKET                                FULL BAND


1                                  NEW ELTHAM SOCIAL                              FULL BAND

7                                  RAILWAY                                                      DUO

8                                  FOX                                                               DUO

9                                  BRITANNIA                                                  FULL BAND

14                                HUNTSMAN                                                 FULL BAND

15                                CARPENTERS                                            FULL BAND

16                                OLD HOUSE AT HOM                                FULL BAND

21                                GEORGE HOTEL AFORD                         FULL BAND

22                                SINGLETON BA                                         FULL BAND

29                                SNOOTY FOX                                            FULL BAND

30                                CORNER CLUB                                          DUO


6                                  EASTCHURCH GND SOC                        4 PIECE

12                                ROYAL STANDARD                                    DUO

13                                THE VOLUNTEER                                       DUO

14                                BRITANNIA                                                  FULL BAND

19                                HUNTSMAN                                                FULL BAND

20                                PRIVATE CLIFFE                                         DUO

21                                OLD HOUSE AT HOU                                FULL BAND

31                                SUNNYMEAD ???                                      FULL BAND




18TH                             DEAN’S BIRTHDAY                                    FULL BAND

31                                TONBRIDGE CONSERVATIVE CLUB        DUO



7                                  BIRTHDAY MAIDSTONE                            FULL BAND


18                                BIRTHDAY LEYSDOWN                             FULL BAND

23                                DRAUGHTS                                                   DUO



20                                WEDDING READING                                   FULL BAND

27                                WEDDING BEXLEY                                     FULL BAND




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